First ‘cooking’ experience

Saturday I was in a very cheerful, loving life kind of mood.  Emily really inspired me to battle my insecurity of cooking.  And by cooking I don’t mean boiling pasta and heating up some sauce, nor do I mean making grilled cheese.  I have never, I repeat never, baked beyond pre-made cookie and cake mix where you just add water, egg, milk.  So baking ‘orange cranberry scones’ was very intimidating for me.  I used the recipe mentions website.  Recipe given {Here}. 
I was lacking many supplies to make the scones. {Rolling pin, mixer, grater} So I made the long 1 mile trip to my parents house to raid the kitchen.  I had never ‘zested’ before and Wade thought I had grated too far into the skin of the orange {Pictured above} but I think it still turned out great.  Next time I make these I am thinking of adding a little bit of orange juice to the batter to make it more orangey.
The recipe also required some basic cooking essentials that as a recent college grad did not have.  Thank goodness my landlord left some sugar and flour for me to use; making my trip for the other ingredients at Walmart less expensive. 
This was my first time kneading anything besides clay for ceramics class way back in high school.  So I was really excited to be doing this with the scone dough! I begged Wade to take a picture of this momentous moment and finally he caved.
I did not have any wax paper to lay down on the cookie sheet.  So I had to spray cooking spray on the sheet and lay down some flour so the scones would not stick.  Before putting in the oven I put the egg wash and some sugar on top of the scones.  While the scones were in the oven, I think I opened the oven door about 6 times to check on them.  I was so nervous I was going to burn them.  The recipe actually made 3 batches of scones! So I was in front of the oven awhile with only one cookie sheet to use 🙂
Here is the finished product up close.  It is hard to see but after the scones cool for about 20 mins you drizzle an orange sugar topping on the top of the scones.  Overall I am extremely impressed by my cooking abilities on this one 🙂 I am looking forward to baking again next weekend.  The next recipe I will tackle will be Blueberry Crumb Bars!
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