Chicken to cook chicken

Only hours after my orange cranberry scone adventure.  I was ready to tackle dinner, blackened chicken stuffed with brie.  Recipe given {Here} I do admit, ‘playing’ with raw chicken breasts was not very pleasant.  The recipe requires a pocket to be cut in the chicken.  I made the pocket in a non-traditional way I’m sure, but it worked nonetheless.  I stabbed the chicken from the side and wiggled the knife until it was almost at the end of the chicken. Then I grabbed the cooking scissors and placed the blades in the already made hole.  I then simply slowly opened the scissors making the hole big enough to stuff the wedge of brie inside.  

The spice mixture turned out pretty spicy but still yummy.  While I was ‘blackening’ the chicken on the stove top, our entire house had the resemblance of a gas chamber.  The recipe says to pan sear on high for about 4 minutes on each side; I found a little over a minute on each side made the chicken pretty blackened.      

Right after blackening, the recipe requires the chicken to go directly into the oven for about 8 minutes.  I found this time to be very short and left my chicken in for about 17 minutes.  The chicken came out great! Juicy, cheesy and delicious!

Wade made a great salad with cucumber, green peppers and avocado, topped with balsamic vinaigrette to go along with the chicken.  We had plenty leftover to take in our lunches.  Overall I was impressed with the meal and will leave this recipe in my recipe box to repeat.  

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